Airex Balance Pad

Airex Balance Pad

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Great for developing core strength, balance, and coordination through a wide range of different workouts, the Airex Balance Pad is unique for its proprietary super-soft foam construction—which creates a flat but unbalanced surface. Whether you use it for yoga or rehab training, the original Balance Pad challenges athletes to constantly re-stabilize their foundation, ultimately improving key motor skills and long-term endurance.

The Airex Balance Pad is currently the best selling balance pad on the market, and is available here in a 19” x 16” standard size, measuring 2.5” in thickness for a significant layer of protective padding.


  • Made by Airex
  • Super Soft Proprietary Foam construction
  • Dimensions: 19” x 16” x 2.5”
  • Unbalanced surface promotes core conditioning and balance training
  • Minimizes stress on joints during rehab work
  • Easy to clean and treated to inhibit growth of fungus and bacteria
  • Color: Blue